Marineland (Filter Media) Cartridge Explorer and System 3 (3 Pack) Size Z

Filter cartridge for Explorer and System 3 (3 pack).

At Marineland, they design their filter cartridges to meet the absolute highest standards of water purification performance and operational ease. Each preassembled cartridge slides easily into place, providing superior mechanical and chemical filtration, and making replacement fast, dry, and effortless. The cartridge mechanically filters water through a pad of double thick polyfiber. Debris and waste particles are trapped, and water is chemically filtered through Marineland's Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Black Diamond is made from bituminous coal, heated to 1800 degrees to ensure adsorptive efficacy. Each granule contains millions of microscopic pores of various sizes that chemically attract and remove harmful dissolved pollutants from the water. Their super-efficient carbon keeps working long after most carbons stop...and it's absolutely phosphate free!

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Marineland (Filter Media) Cartridge Explorer and System 3 (3 Pack) Size Z

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