Aquarium Pharmaceuticals ( A Pond Food ) Summer Qt

koi and goldfish pellets Summer Staple Pond Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of koi and goldfish in the warm water season, when the water temperature is 65 F to 70 F (18 C to 21 C) and above. Summer is the time of year when pond fish grow rapidly and spawn--activities that demand a diet high in protein. Pond Care Summer Staple Pond Food contains many unique and easily digestible protein sources, such as shrimp meal, rice bran, and soybean meal. These high protein components, in combination with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and stabilized vitamin C, provide an excellent, complete summer diet for pond fish. Spirulina algae and other color-enhancing ingredients are also included to intensify fish color. Like Spring & Autumn Pond Food, this product is supplied in pellets that are long-floating but soften quickly so even small fish can feed successfully.

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals ( A Pond Food ) Summer Qt

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